The purpose of this site is to increase public knowledge of this incipient approach, and suggests links to relevant resources. Whether you are in search of a therapeutic space for yourself, simply curious, or a professional seeking training, you will find information to guide you.

In essence, ecopsychotherapy is an approach of psychotherapy which opens up to the contact with nature.
Based on the patient’s wish, ecopsychotherapy is organized round a series of sessions with a mental care professional , and can alternate both times spent in the practice and outdoors.
It offers a triangular approach: on the one hand, the patients create a reassuring  human bond with the therapist who listens to them throughout the process, and on the other hand, they create a bond with the living world which stimulates their senses and offers opportunities for  experiment to discover themselves.
Alongside their therapist, the patients follow their path at their own rythm, in a search of themselves and their deepest needs.

The ecopsychotherapy occurs within the deontological framework of the Professional federation of therapists. The therapist has followed thorough training in psychotherapy. This type of psychotherapy is outside the medical field.
The sessions can be either individual or in groups.

Living an ecopsychotherapy, the essential in 6 minutes with Sam’s path: