Videos on ecopsychotherapy:

• Sylvie Chokron, neuropsychologist, Le magazine de la Santé: « Le contact avec la nature, une thérapie ? » (“Contact with nature, a therapy?”). In French.

The ecopsychotherapy group “My Nature”, hosted in the forest by Yann Desbrosses and Julia Boyer. In French:

Living an ecopsychotherapy, the essential in 6 minutes with the example of Sam’s path. In French with english subtitles :

Videos on ecotherapies:

• A video on sylvotherapy, or forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku:

• Introduction to ecotherapies:

Videos on ecopsychology:

• Theodore Roszak introduces the need to create a place for the living world in the field of psychotherapy:

• Yann Desbrosses discusses his experience of dancing in natural spaces, and establishes the link with the stakes of psychotherapy. In French :

Podcasts :

Conference by Yann Desbrosses at the CAPOP, the Paris Center of Psycho-Organics Analysis: « Nature as a therapeutic mediation, when psychotherapy opens up to the environment. » Presentation of a practical ecopsychotherapy process: 1 hour and 35 minutes

radio program (Radio France Internationale) on the topic of the eco-anxiety (or solastalgia), with Charline Schmerber, Clement Montfort, Sebastien Bohler, Matthieu Ricard: 48 minutes